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Lisa Gatti


Major: Marketing

Masters: M.S. Marketing Combined Degree, Concentration in Marketing Analytics

Job/Internship: Johnson & Johnson MedTech - DePuy Synthes, DPS Commercial Intern

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Lily Stokes

VP of Professional Development

Major: Public Relations & Marketing

Internship: Social Media and Marketing Intern for UF Health Shands

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Ethan Pollock

VP of Chapter Development

Major: Business Administration

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Tyler Stamerro

VP of Membership/Recruitment

Major: Marketing

Minor: Professional Selling

Most Recent Job or Job/Internship: Marketing Director at Quail Communities Realty

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Maya Sallade

Content Creation Director

Major: Information Systems 

Internship: Marketing Intern at Naomi Whittel Brands

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Cassandra Green 

Marketing Director

Major: Marketing and Political Science

Minor: Professional Selling

Job/Internship: Barista at Starbucks​


Iris Frost

Service Director

Major: Economics

Minor: Professional Selling and Business

Internship: Incoming Summer Intern at Baker Hughes

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Madison Suter


Major: Marketing 

Minor: Mass Communications and Entrepreneurship

Internship: Digital Marketing Intern at Thermo Fisher

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Milena Chib

VP of Finance

Major: Finance

Minor: English

Internship: Incoming Associate Consulting Intern at Bain and Company

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Carlee Hontz

VP of Communication

Major: Marketing

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Internship: Incoming Email Marketing intern at Toll Brothers

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Rachel Taylor

Public Relations Director

Master: MS Marketing

Major: Business Administration 

Job/Internship: Yotpo Tel Aviv, Israel Marketing Intern

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Gabriela Cortes-Arroyo

Marketing Director

Major: Marketing

Minor: Spanish

Internship: Advance Auto Parts

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Abigail McGrath

Corporate Relations Director

Major: Accounting

Most Recent Job or Internship: Incoming 2023 Corporate Client Banking and Specialized Industries Summer Analyst at JP Morgan

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Jess Angeline

Director of Operations

Major: Marketing

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Most Recent Job or Internship: Marketing Intern at Salon Evolve

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Logan Levinson

Social Director

Major: Business Administration

Minors: Leadership and Economics

steven tufts headshot.jpeg

Steven Tufts

Faculty Advisor

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