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In order to provide a developmental, learning environment for those students with no previous experience, 'The Sparks Development Program' was founded. As part of the onboarding training, all Sparks members must complete it in their first semester of being part of the firm while they simultaneously complete client work. Comprised of 3 parts, each prepares students in some manner to be able to produce high quality client work. 

Applications to become a Sparks member and complete the program will open again sometime in March 2023.

Sparks Organizational Structure

Hierarchical Structure

Directors Department: completely made up of Marketing Directors, who are at the same organizational level as the other department managers. There will be one Marketing Director for each client the firm currently has.

The Other Three Departments: each are composed of 1 manager and many department members.

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Team Organization

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  • Each cross-functional team will be comprised of 1 Marketing Director and 2-3 people from each of the other departments (Strategy, Market Research, and Branding)

    • One team per client account

  • Managers mentor and advise all the members of their departments

    • They give guidance on gaps in knowledge and will put on workshops for necessary skills that are missing from a majority of its members

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