How We Help Clients

Sparks: The UF Marketing Firm consults on how to implement new marketing strategies to solve business needs. Trained teams of UF students help local Gainesville businesses to resolve their customers’ pain points and create a unified brand for the business’s public identity. 

This is delivered through our 3 consultative services:

  • Campaigns:

    • Segmentation and tactics to target each market

    • Connecting the current state of business to the creation of the marketing plan

  • Growth plans:

    • Budgeting, return on investment, and financial forecast

    • Plan for the long-term goals of clients



Market Research

  • Market & Industry Analysis:
    • Survey development, focus groups, and in-depth interviews

  • ​Competitive Audit and SWOT Analysis

  • Sales Analysis (NDA approved)

    • Pricing strategies​

  • Visual and Verbal Identity: 
    • Graphic Design: mock-ups of business designs and items (merchandise, 
      packaging, etc.)

    • Branding, messaging, and communication guides

  • Content Creation:

    • Social media: strategy, mock-ups, and training

    • Event planning and other forms of engagement



Product Offerings

 With Sparks: The UF Marketing Firm's upcoming launch in 2023, we are seeking out our first 2-3 clients for the new year. As part of being one of our first clients, you can take advantage of our limited time offer, where all of the consulting marketing work will be done completely FREE!

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