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AMA Collegiate Competitions

Collegiate Case Competition

An academic year-long event that brings together top marketing students to work on a business challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The 2023 case sponsor, The sponsor will provide a detailed marketing problem and is looking to gain the perspective of AMA students as they develop a marketing strategy in this nationally recognized competition.

Outbound Sales Competition

Designed to improve students’ telephone and video conferencing communication skills. 180 AMA student members will be able to compete on a first come, first serve basis

Sites will be evaluated on aesthetics, content, functionality, engagement, and other required elements.

Website Competition

Marketing Week Competition

Opportunity to showcase career opportunities in marketing and highlight the benefits of AMA membership though programming on their local campus.

Undergraduate Research Competition

Showcase your research in the field of marketing and can assist in getting travel funding from your school or department. 

Sales Competition

Compete one-on-one against other marketing students. You can test your ability to close a sale and win cash prizes!

Perfect Pitch Competition

A 90-second interview in which you position yourself as being “right for the job.” Like an elevator pitch competition, your goal is to provide two to three key selling points for why you are an ideal candidate and then support these qualifications with examples. And of course, the end goal is to get hired (close the deal).

Marketing Strategy Competition

You receive a marketing challenge brief and have 30 minutes to use your knowledge and experience to quickly present a case solution. You will be judged based on the team’s ideas, applied knowledge and ability to communicate. At the end, judges will follow up with questions based on students’ recommendations.

Chapter Exhibit Competition

Presented in a trade show fashion by AMA collegiate chapters, giving them an opportunity to be creative and show off their accomplishments. Fellow students, as well as guest judges, will select the winners!

Marketplace Marketing Simulations Competition

Marketplace Simulations makes marketing games that give you a feel for what it’s like to be behind the desk of a real company: identifying market opportunities, designing new products, creating ad campaigns, managing a sales team, reacting to market and industry data, and growing your bottom line.

Chapter T-Shirt Competition

Chapters are encouraged to participate in designing a Chapter T-Shirt that represents their chapter/university spirit and students attending this year’s ICC event in person will have the opportunity to view and vote on the 2023 winning Chapter T-Shirt. 

Best Recruitment and Social Impact Video Competition

Create a video worthy to be posted on their chapter website, social media or a client’s website to help showcase the chapter and create excitement around recruiting new members or social causes.

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