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External Competitions

External competitions are hosted by an entity other than UF-AMA. They are typically hosted on a national or regional scale.

Internal Competitions

Internal competitions are hosted by UF-AMA. They are typically hosted on a chapter level, meaning you are competing against fellow members.

Leadership Presentation

AMA Collegiate Case Competition

Embark on the AMA National Case Competition at the University of Florida, where marketing chapters nationwide craft strategic plans in response to a curated prompt. Hosted by the American Marketing Association (AMA), this dynamic challenge propels participants into real-world scenarios, showcasing innovative solutions and comprehensive strategies.


Sales in the Swamp

Dive into Sales in the Swamp, a dynamic competition at the University of Florida tailored for novice sales students. Sponsored by Gartner, this event offers a real-world sales experience where participants navigate challenging scenarios to showcase their skills. Get ready to test your acumen with industry leaders, as Sales in the Swamp propels you into the competitive world of sales with a Gator's edge.

Person holding a presentation

SPARKS Midpoint Case Competition

Explore the Sparks Midpoint Case Competition held within the American Marketing Association, a unique opportunity for marketing students. Get crucial feedback from UF-Warrington faculty, refine strategies, and optimize marketing plans. This midpoint ensures real-world adaptability, fostering growth in marketing excellence.

Clapping Audience

SPARKS Final Case Competition

Building on feedback from esteemed UF Warrington faculty, participants refine and perfect their marketing strategies. This final stage ensures the culmination of real-world adaptability, showcasing growth and excellence in their comprehensive marketing plans. Join us for this transformative experience, where strategies are honed, and marketing prowess reaches its peak.

Two people shaking hands

Sales Internal Roleplay Competition

Step into the shoes of a seasoned sales professional and navigate through challenging scenarios, mastering persuasive techniques, and fostering client relationships in our immersive internal roleplay experience. Sharpen your sales skills and conquer every obstacle to drive success!

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