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Our mission is both the development of our clients and our consultants. We provide guidance for our local businesses to be as successful as possible and provide an organization for UF students to gain real-world marketing experience.

The in-house marketing firm, that is housed under the American Marketing Association University of Florida Chapter, was founded on the following principles:




Sparks Branding

Our mission and values came into consideration when designing the logo...

  • The slit of an alligator eye represents the insights the firm brings to its shareholders.​

  • The bolt of electricity (or spark) wraps around the slit to form the word "SPARKS".

  • The spark was formed to resemble a dollar sign, which represents the rich future the firm brings to its stakeholders.


As UF students, our veins run ORANGE and BLUE, therefore flames created by sparks are a large part of our branding.

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