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AMA Sales

At AMA Sales, our primary goal is to assist you in enhancing your sales abilities while establishing valuable connections with both peers and industry experts. Through this comprehensive semester-long program, you will have the chance to cultivate your professional growth through sales competitions and gain deeper insights into the suitability of a sales career. Notably, AMA Sales welcomes individuals with varying levels of experience, as all you need is the motivation to learn and the willingness to engage beyond our weekly hour-long general body meetings. Fill out the application below to get involved in the fAMAly.


Joining Sales


Skills Development

Sharpen your sales acumen through specialized training sessions and workshops designed to enhance your ability to persuade and influence.


Real-world Experience

Gain hands-on experience in sales by working on actual projects and scenarios, providing practical insights that go beyond theoretical knowledge.



Connect with professionals in the sales industry through exclusive networking events, opening doors to mentorships, internships, and potential career paths.


Professional Growth

Elevate your professional development with access to resources, tools, and guidance that empower you to excel in the competitive world of sales.


Resume Enhancement

Stand out to employers by showcasing your involvement in a dynamic sales-focused organization, demonstrating your commitment to mastering the art of selling.


Collaborative Culture

Become part of a collaborative and supportive community where members share insights, strategies, and success stories, where members become a fAMAly.


Exclusive Events

Access specialized events tailored to the needs of sales enthusiasts, providing unique insights and opportunities to interact with industry professionals.


Competitive Edge

​​Develop a competitive edge in the job market by acquiring skills that set you apart as a well-rounded and accomplished sales professional.​



Apply to Sales

The application process for AMA Sales is designed to be accessible and welcoming, making it an excellent opportunity for beginners looking to delve into the world of sales. The process begins with an online application where interested individuals can express their enthusiasm and interest in joining the Sales Division. This initial application is crafted to be beginner-friendly, ensuring that candidates from all backgrounds can participate.

Following the application review, selected candidates will be invited for an interview, providing a chance for our team to get to know applicants better and gauge their passion for sales. The interview is designed to be a conversational and collaborative experience, allowing candidates to showcase their potential and express their interest in joining the division.

With a limited acceptance of about 20 people, the application process ensures that individuals selected to join AMA Sales are not only enthusiastic about sales but also bring diverse perspectives to the team. This streamlined and inclusive process sets the stage for a supportive and collaborative environment within the Sales Division, where members can learn, grow, and excel in the field of sales together.

Apply Today
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